About 3t3rnal Ravage
3t3rnal Ravage (3Ra or Era) was founded in Fort Worth, Texas (USA) by 5 good friends. We are big fans of DotA. I came across HoN while searching for updated DotA maps about a month after HoN was released in beta. I was able to secure a Beta key and was instantly amazed by S2 replica of DotA. After getting enough beta keys to pass on to several friends, we had our first HoN lan party at a friends house. If i remember right, we had a full ten players under the same roof playing away. It was the greatest lan party we've ever had. Thus the HoN crave was started amogst us. Having 5 people with accounts, we then decided to make ourselves a clan! The name was harder to pick than we imagined it would be. I don't remember the suggestions we puzzled through, but Era was a big part of it. Then Eternal Ravage was born, with Era as our clan tag. A clan made up of good friends, for the purpose of sticking together to have the best time we could possibly have on this new found game.

We are however, friends with high standards which we all mutually share. We have to remember that while it is just a game, we need take caution to not say things to others that we wouldn't say to their face; Or rather, not say things we know our mothers would smack us up side the head for. HoN should be a fun place for all of us, and while we can't control others in the game, we should control ourselves as individuals and clan-mates to be enjoyable to all that are in it, as well as a good representation to those that we play with. Even if we suck sometimes or the tough gets going and harsh words start flying, we must remember to control our own emotions. It's silly how being behind a screen and hundreds of miles away from our opposes makes us lower our good morals to say or do things that may not be completely appropriate, and it's a silly little thing that we must all strive to continually be better at.

Lets all continue to play with the same motivation we started with: To have fun playing a freakin' awesome game as good friends and brothers(and sisters for the girl(s) in our clan..)!!

General Clan Rules:
Don't say things to others you wouldn't say in real life
Don't say things your mother would be ashamed of
If you see or witness inappropriate in-game behavior, notify a clan officer if it's about someone inside the clan, or report the offense to S2 otherwise.

Remember to never give up, just play it smart! If it's a mutual agreement that your team is at loss, concede or calmly play through to the end. Team work wins the game!

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