3Ra HoNmod Repository
Here are the mods! I'll have props to respective original creators for mods I've tweaked, where that applies. Be sure to -DOWNLOAD- the HonMod Manager. Most of these mods Require it.

ALSO NOTE! This page is no longer being updated. I (studmuffin) am not going to be able to update this site for a while. The next time i presume I will be able to will be around August 25th, 2012... I hope hon will still be around then. Feel free to use this page though. I spent a lot of time on it. It's a shame it's going to waste for a few years. (-studmuffin [08/21/2010])

MY MODS in alphabetical order...
DotA Announcer
Heartbeat Mod
Dark-UI Hardcore (Visual Modification - 3Ra Edition)

REQUIRED MODS in alphabetical order...
These mods are required in order for some other mods to work properly. Any mods you find in the "Reccommended" section will specify when they require any of these.
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